Integral School is a Math and Science School for Preschool to Grade 12 students, who lives in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

  • Abakids is a memory game that helps children do mental math using the abacus program
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  • ABAKIDS Now offering classes to ages 3- 14 years old
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6 benefits of afterschool programs

Create a sense of belonging

Improve social skills

Provide academic support

Make learning more fun

Provide safety and supervision

Build confidence

About Us

Our Vision

Our school is dedicated to teaching Math, Physics, Chemistry, Logic, languages and much more to students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 12 at an advanced level. It is also designed to provide extra support to those students who are in need for additional assistance and tutoring in these subjects.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help students reach their maximum potential, to spark curiosity and to encourage academic excellence. We can teach any student how to understand those ‘hard to grasp’ concepts in any subject. Our main interest is to advance students’ math, physics as well as other scientific skills, and increase their enjoyment in all streams.

Our Approach

The students attend an evening school once or twice a week. Our class size fluctuates from the smallest class having four students, to the largest class having 20 students. Classes with more than 8 students are aided by teacher assistants to provide students with one on one attention. Students are given 2-3 pages of homework per day, with the intention to improve their skills in a given subject.

The Homework

The homework takes about 10-20 minutes a day per subject, depending on the student. Each child is individually assessed and placed in a class suitable for their level. For example: child who is very advanced for his or her age in a given subject will be placed in a class with older kids of the appropriate level. In a situation where a child does not figure out the concept, the teacher will give him one on one time until the material is understood. All classes follow Advance Program requirements (AP), which is “unique” to the Integral school that works along the Manitoba standard curriculum and dives deeper into the base units for further understanding. Highly qualified teachers with rich experience from Canada, Russia, and Israel are glad to provide students with unique learning experiences that will help them to recognize and utilize their potentials.


Founder & CEO

Dina Raihman is a Math and Physics teacher with more than 27 years of teaching experience. Dina graduated from the Pedagogical University in Ukraine in 1981 and since then she dedicated her life to teaching. In 2011 she got a Bachelor of Education Diploma and a Permanent Teachers Certificate from the University of Winnipeg. In 2014, together with a team of professional teachers she opened up an evening school. Besides her teaching math and physics at school during the day, she expresses her passion and dedication in kids education in the evening school, counting to more than 200 students today.